Want to save money on your dictation with fast turnaround times?  We are experts in transcription/dictation and have competitive rates – be it typing up letters, reports, internal/external documents and everything in between.  We’ve got you covered.


We are highly experienced in typing up legal and property based reports (used by Chartered Surveyors).  We can type everything from court proceedings, legal correspondence and court forms to HomeBuyers reports, structural overviews and dilapidation reports.

With an eye for detail, we can turn around your dictation quickly and accurately, format it as required and return it to you before your deadline.


Do you have a recording of a meeting, podcast or interview you would like transcribed.  No problem.  We can type up your meeting how you want and get it back to you before your deadline.  All you have to do is decide how you want your recording transcribed:

strict verbatim: this includes all utterances (such as coughs, laughter), fillers, repeated words, non-standard language (such as ain’t) and background noises.  This written record should be a true reflection of the recording. 

intelligent verbatim: this is just a record of what was said but excludes repeated words, fillers (such as “you know”) and background noises.

Creating Open/Closed Captions for Video (Subtitling) 

Do you use video as part of your marketing strategy?  Did you know that as much as 85% of people watch videos on social media without sound?

If your video doesn’t have captions people are likely to just scroll past your video.  By adding captions people are more likely to watch your videos.  This isn’t only true for videos on social media, it’s true for any type of video.  The more accessible a video is, the more engagement you’ll get.  It can even improve your SEO and increase the chance of your message getting across. 

Not all captions are created equal!  Closed captions are subtitles that the viewer can turn on or off whereas open captions are embedded within the video.  

Got an urgent dictation/transcription – no problem!  We aim to process your dictation within 2 days of receipt and offer a premium service to prioritise your work and get it back to you ASAP should you need.

Please get in contact to discuss your requirements.