For typing dictated reports our rate for transcription starts from 95p per audio minute, dependent upon the quality of the recording and urgency.

The cost of transcription of meetings, interviews, podcasts etc starts from £1.20 per minute of audio and is dependent upon number of speakers, quality of audio provided and whether you require time stamps, strict verbatim or intelligent verbatim for your transcription. 

We aim to turnaround each recording within 2 business days of receipt.  We can provide a premium service to prioritise your work and get it back to you as soon as possible should you require.  

Please contact us before sending urgent work through to check capacity.

Copy Typing

Copy typing text: £9 per 1,000 words
Copy typing handwritten text: from £10 per 1,000 words (dependent upon quality)

Captioning Videos

Adding captions to video starts from £3 per minute of video supplied for closed captions and £5 per minute for open captions.  If you need a written transcription of the audio this can be provided for an additional price of £1 per per minute of video captioned.  With all closed captions we supply you with a guide on how to upload your video and captions to social media such as Facebook, You Tube, LinkedIn and can even help you upload your videos and captions should you require.

As with transcription services, the cost may be dependent upon number of speakers, quality of video and your requirements.  Please get in touch today and we can discuss your project and give you a quotation.

General Administration

We charge a standard rate of £28 per hour for ad hoc tasks and charge in 15 minute intervals.  We can provide you with a written estimation after your initial consultation should you require.

Retained Hours

For clients that need regular ongoing support you can purchase a block of my time upfront, guaranteeing and prioritising your work. As this helps me plan my workload and cashflow I can reward that efficiency with a discount on my hourly rates.

Blocks of hours purchased should be used up in the month they are purchased for. I will advise you when you are approaching your purchased time as any additional hours required will be charged at my usual hourly rate.  We regularly review our clients retained hours to ensure they are on the most appropriate retainer, giving you certainty of cost and ensuring you get the best value for money.  

Packages Available:

5 hours – £135

10 hours – £270

15 hours – £390

20 hours – £500

Blocks of time can be purchased month by month as you need them for project work or holiday cover or can be ongoing.  We find that the longer we work with businesses the better we can serve them.  As we get to know you and your business we can streamline processes, suggest better ways or working and generally make your life easier.

Accounts Administration

We charge our standard hourly rate for accounts administration, charging in 15 minute intervals.

Please note that we cannot give advice on VAT or Tax matters. Should you need advice we will be happy to refer you to our own trusted accountants.