How does it work?

A virtual assistant or VA, is a self-employed assistant who provides remote professional administrative, technical or creative assistance to both individuals and small businesses alike.   

VA’s bill you for their time and utilise time recording software to record how long it has taken to complete a task. You receive an invoice and time sheet at the end of your project or at agreed intervals. You can either be charged by the minute or buy chunks of time (securing a discount) and use your time how you need it.

A big benefit of hiring a VA over an employee is that you only pay for work done. There are no hidden costs. You don’t have to pay for lunch or coffee breaks, there’s no sick or holiday pay, National Insurance or pension contributions or office overheads. You simply pay for work done.

We want to get to know you and your business, be part of your team and add real value to your business. If we have any client facing work we will present as a valuable employee so there is never any confusion for your clients.

Initially, we have a chat and identify what support you require. If I’m not the right fit or I can identify a more cost effective solution I will let you know. Once this is done there’s a little bit of paperwork to be completed, an onboarding session and then we are ready to start your work

If at any time we (me or my clients) run into any IT issues I have an IT Support Specialist who we can call upon to sort any issues and get us back working as soon as possible.